Tuesday, 10 March 2009

crisis point....

Email to: M
Date: 9 July 2007
Subject: yesterday's barbecue

yes N is depressed and is seeing CBT, for last five weeks. was referred last year. he has also done the autogenic training at homeopathic hospital.

but he wont collaborate with her. doesnt get round to doing the "homework". more than moderate.

she is looking for other avenues.
GP is referring to psychiatric services.

he has started very low dose of anti depressants.
becasuse he refuses to take therapeutic dose yet.

he claims side effects but it is all in his mind - GP said on this dose 2mg cilatopram (good for depression anxiety etc) you don't get side effects....placebo in reverse ("this pill will make me sicker therefore I will feel sicker" ) .

he needs to take pills but of the pharmocoloigical kind not the natural kind.

we are at crisis point and it will resolve one way or another - for better or for worse.

he might have to leave and go elsewhere. i dont know.

it isnt good for the kids.

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