Thursday, 7 January 2010

what happened during the rest of 2007 and during 2008?

i need to remind myself sometimes...with N still claiming everything was so wonderful he just got a bit "sick" i did i come to realise it wasn't just about him being "sick"?

After the events of July 2007:

Wed Aug 1, 2007 10:33 pm

Re: the story so far....

seriously tho it is sooo peaceful here tonite.

i took some stuff in to hospital - had to go get keys to car as he
had parked it near hospital. otherwise i would not have gone....-
told him no meds = no coming near us. told him he has to go to spain
to sort himself out. he says oh i cant my dad is too old, my brother
doesnt talk to me bla bla. i said i dont care - they have a big
enough house plenty of room.

i dont pick up phone when he calls if i can help it ie if it shows
is him. he IS manipulative - fairly typical from what i hear ....
his pleadings....

he sees psych consultant tomorrow. sad fact is that in hospital he is
rational, calm etc. but - come home again and within
minutes/hours/days i know what would happen. frustration,
explosion.... EVERYONE telling him - take the meds. but he wont.

but social worker supportive and GP. they all aware of what happened.
N cant understand why everyone is "taking this so seriously".

hello??? his mind is awol - but as i said, in confines of hospital
right now is presenting himself as rational calm etc. ugh.

tho today
i met a friend in street who had seen him in hospital gardens crying.
she lives next to the hospital. i said - so he should be.... as it
happens her brother has history of depression etc, she and other
siblings paid for him to spend a year in private clinic . on meds, he is
back on even keel...

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