Tuesday, 10 February 2009


N resigned from his office job at the end of 2004, after months of stress.

plus, he complained so much about the nanny ("she does nothing" she is paid too much" ) it became a case of: well, you know what.... see if you can do it then!

Email to: A

Subject: Moving country

Date: Feb 2005

well, N is similar to your husband - "let's move to
Switzerland/Italy/france...somewhere where the "grass is greener" and life is less stressful etc...yeh right.

what our "DH"s [dear husbands] dont realise is some of the stress u will take with you --the kids medical/health/learning issues, the day to day
domestic chores etc.

access to the wild mountains doesnt mean u will
get there each weekend because it's there. u still have to do the
washing, pack cases, organize food etc. the weekends ski-iing dont
just happen as if by magic... guess who would be orgnizing them? who
would be packing the car for your weekend rambles in nature? the kids
still have to do homework...

N has been going on and on about he wld leave work and i will get a
job with UN in geneva and won't life be wonderful??

well,he is finding it really hard doing the being at home thing - and
that is here with everything organized and sorted... no stress of
looking for new schools, getting to know area etc.

sometimes, the grass just looks greener...

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