Monday, 23 February 2009

seeing as you asked....

Date: April 4, 2006
To: DNB Group
Subject: updates all round...

you here are 2 recent conversations in our house:

N: of course if you were the one at home not working you would be
happy - when the kids are at school you would be talking on
internet, meeting people for lunch, reading the paper and reading
books, going swimming/yoga

me: err yes - but there is nothing stopping YOU doing any or all of
that! why don't you do a course/get a part time job/enjoy yourself

N: because I dont know what I want/ dont know what I want to do
with my life ...... i wish i had never resigned, i wish i could wake
up tomorrow and go to my work

me: sigh (gives up.... he left work for many reasons including huge
stresses but from 13 months down the line it all looks rosy again - an
escape from responsibilities of home? but - nothing to stop him
getting another job if that is what he wants...)

N: i saw J today, he went to Center Parcs (holiday village in
woods, outdoor type place, for cycling etc) last weekend with the
five kids and the mother in law

me: oh that's nice, i've heard center parcs is really good

N: of course, we could never do that....

me: why?

N: well you know, I cant play football with ix or go on a bike
ride with him...

DO OTHER THINGS!!! Ix likes to walk, he likes to go in swimming
pool (these places have indoor pools) ...and espec if we have someone
with us (not mother in law obviously but someone else...) grrrrrrr

anyway, we ARE going away this coming weekend to isle of wight to a
caravan and will see J and a few other special needs families :)

am bringing carer to help look after the boys. both of them. socially
N can appear/act fairly "normal".... so it might be ok....

will see how it goes :) i am sure looking forward to it and to seeing
nice people.

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